I’m originally from sleepy Suffolk in the UK. I’m a crazy dreamer and with an insatiable desire for travel and adventure who could never settle for an ordinary life or conform with the norm.

After graduating from uni and ‘selling my soul’ as a corporate slave I started to feel like I was wasting the best years of my life behind a desk working for someone else’s passions and dreams. There had to be more to life than this!

Still, most of the time it’s easier to carry on with the routine of the daily grind, always dreaming that ‘one day’ you will take that trip, than that take that leap and leave your comfort zone.

The turning point for me was when I was told I had a detached retina and had to have an operation on my eye. It was the jolt I needed to realise that life is far too short to put off things off, or not make the most of every day, even in your twenties you are never too young to get sick.

So after the operation I made up my mind to take control of my life, to live it the way I wanted not the way that society thought that I should.

So I saved like mad for 18 months, quit my job and left the UK in December 2012 to follow my dreams of a life of indefinite travel – to make the most of my precious time on earth. Since then I have travelled through much of India, Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe slowly, independently and affordably and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Although I am self confessed travel addict I do not travel just to rush between the famous touristy sights ticking off a bucket list – I don’t find this kind of travel fulfilling. I like to travel slow, to experience, understand and immerse myself in different cultures and to learn from them.

Instead of days I often spend a week or so (sometimes even months) soaking up everything a destination has to offer, meeting the locals, chilling out and looking beyond the tourists traps to get a real feel for the place – maybe wandering to explore and find little surprises off the beaten path or exploring the countryside on a motorbike without any real plan or destination in mind – just to explore and see what I find!